Space Invaders Classroom – A Simple Plan

by on February 24, 2010

Simple but deadly effective. Keep bombing the shelters and keep marching side to side and down en masse. Eventually, by sheer numbers we will overwhelm the lone defender of the city. We are space invaders. Fear us and our simple plan.

I wonder who appointed the green dude the class teacher. Perhaps, he’s an old vet, retired from active attacks. He’s done his tour of duty and is now on the teaching recruits the plan. Maybe, he went a little sideways on the rules. A little too much to drink before a mission. Insubordination. So, instead of the glory of the battle and taking the city, this space invader has been grounded and now has to teach the plebes.

Either way, the fresh meat always thinks it looks easier than it is and this green guy teacher is trying to make them understand the gravity of the situation and the absolute seriousness and concentration that is required to be a successful space invader.

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