South Park Cartman Cartdroid T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on February 26, 2012

Everybody loves the South Park and everybody loves Cartman on Southpark. And everybody loves droids. So, you package up all three of those magnificent things and you get this very special Cartdroid T Shirt.

Cartman represents humanity’s worst side. More specifically Cartman represents my worst traits, and there’s nothing more funny than to watch some rotund, precocious animated kid act out the darkest places of your soul. It’s like it relieves pressure and brings the evil into the light, which diffuses it and makes it less powerful.

That, my friend, is the extreme power of Cartman and why you want him on your chest. Plus, designer Yiannis Telemachou added the droid thing, so we can all ease in to the purging of our sins. Droids are cute and cool, so anxiety lessens.

Get your new favorite tee at Red Bubble.

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