Soup R Crackers Party Down Tshirt

by on August 9, 2010

Fastest growing non-poultry, non-coffee franchise in all of Southern California. All you can eat soup, salad and bread. Only limit is your digestive system. Super Cracker. Super Angry Black Man.

This comes from a show called Party Down. If you watch the clip below, which includes humor, drug use, Ron Donald’s business plan, and taking Nancy Reagan’s name in vain, you’ll see that the show is funny. It’s snappy. It has some zing. And, really, if you were looking for this shirt, you already know that. In fact, you already hit the buy now button to go get a Soup R Crackers Party Down T-shirt for your own self.

And, that my friend is a great idea.

Busted Tees pretty much is the overseer of the zeitgeist. If it doesn’t pass muster with this group, then you’re not seeing it trending on Twitter. Period.

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