Solid Threads: Enjoy the Journey Not the Destination T Shirt

by on April 30, 2011

You probably need to go check out Solid Threads for several reasons, but two that come immediately to the fore as you peruse their site. First, their tagline is Loose Morals, Solid Threads, Happy Endings. That is terrific. Who doesn’t want to do business with an enterprise that has their shit together like that and put it into words so concisely.

Second, there are a ton of great shirts on the site, and if you don’t believe me I have proof.

Enjoy The Journey Not the Destination
This one just hits me right in the sweet spot. I find the little twist on spiritual wisdom delightful and wicked and perfect. The lo-fi design just adds to the beauty. I can see this creating a revolution where people love long lines in airports, love sitting in the back of the Greyhound next to the toilet, love interacting with possible pedophiles on trains, love 2000 mile cramped car rides with jerk siblings and dorky parents, but then hit the ocean, or amusement park, or cabin, or resort, or wherever they are going, and just mope around for a few hours yelling are we done yet, hoping to get back to the return journey part of the trip. Awesome shirt.

And there’s more where that came from, so go check these folks out. From the background on the website it looks like they also have a physical store. How about you take a trip to New Jersey (enjoying every minute of the travel), then go in the store with a sour face, because you’re not enjoying the destination.

Wait, maybe I’m taking that shirt too far. Anyway…solid stuff at Solid Threads, so go check them out.

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