Soccer Football T Shirt

by on November 14, 2010

It’s one of them misdirection t shirts that folks were so excited about back in the day. The image is of a football but the word says soccer. You put this baby on thinking “I’m gonna screw with some minds this evening…big time.” And, you know what. You will. This is cognitive dissonance. Makes people stop and check themselves. It has the potential to shake cobwebs loose in people’s brains and make them see things a little more clearly. It may even make them stop listening to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Okay, the Soccer Football T shirt isn’t that powerful, but Busted Tees is certainly trying to shake up your cerebral cortex with this one. Will you let it happen? How about you just wear the shirt and drop out for a while. Get a fresh perspective.

Either that or go play some soccer or football or futbol or something.

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