Snooze Button I’d Hit That T Shirt

by on February 14, 2011

Another fine offering in the I’d Hit That collection of funny t shirts. This one, of course, a snooze button. And, who wouldn’t want to hit that, especially at frickin’ 6:30 in the AM. That’s way too early. The beauty of this shirt is that it’s wordplay that hints at a man or woman mentioning that they’d have sexual relations with someone within sight. And, that, my friends, is a very romantic notion in a carnal, animal lust way. Who doesn’t want a little dirty copulation in the season of love. I sure could use some moist mash. Couldn’t you?

If so, here’s a little secret, this Snooze Button I’d Hit That T Shirt will get you all of the tail you could ever want. Why? Because it shows you have a sense of humor and you’re ready to go, which are the top two qualities you must have to get laid in 2011. Snorg Tees says go forth and shag, and never set your alarm before 9:15 AM.

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