Snakes on a Plane Tshirt

by on February 7, 2010

Love the math humor, of course. Love the wordplay on the name of a movie. Love the two different vicious snakes that look like they’re dis-engorging forked rubberbands. Watch out for the cobra and the rattler! The collection of the B movie pop culture and the math always produces a humor explosion that shoots straight to your gut.

Now, the only question left, since we know you want to buy the Snakes on a Plane T-shirt, is why the hell did Samuel Jackson ever agree to do such turd cinema. I guess he wanted another infusion of “something different,” thinking he may derive similar career boosting benefit as he did with another odd film with slightly better critical acclaim and box office return, Pulp Fiction. Not sure that’s what happened here. His career hasn’t necessarily had a resurgence since his 2006 blockbuster.

Although, any connection with Inglorious Basterds is a total plus, and he did narration for that gem, so it can’t all be bad for the L.

Don’t forget Snorg Tees is for lovers with bad teeth.

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