Smurf Zombie Blue Horde T Shirt

by on March 3, 2011

Lot’s of really nice, disgusting detail goin’ on with this Smurf Zombie Blue Horde T Shirt. I’ll break it down for you. First you have our protagonists back to back covering each other and armed to the teeth, but there opposition is formidable because there are still Smurf Zombies coming out of the Earth. Plus, they don’t quit. You have a few still coming at the cute little house, that has been retro-fitted into a bunker, despite being ripped apart at the torso, or losing a head. Lots of guts hanging out. Check out the poor dude puking just behind the house.

I also like the barbed wire on the roof of the hut and the boxes of grenades and the shot gun and major pistol. Looks like that barrel out front is wired for explosives as well.

One question: do Smurfs bury their dead five feet outside the door of their house, or do the zombie Smurfs travel underground before surfacing. Not sure. Whatever the case, this Blue Horde T Shirt is just right for the sick and demented among us.

This is a great zombie offering from 604 Republic. I’ve collected the best of the rest here: funny zombie t shirts.

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