Smells Like Old People Tshirt

by on February 15, 2010

You know what this shirt is talking about. It’s some sort of Mentholatum rub, combined with a cheap perfume or aftershave, combined with old farts trapped in polyester trousers. Drop a little hair spray, and roll it around on the 67 year old sofa. You know they’re coming. Rather, have your friends blindfold you, spin you around and take you to the old folks home and you’ll know straight what you walked into.

This would be a great album name to bookend the grunge era that birthed those ridiculous deep, pained voices singing over rehashed rock ‘n roll riffs. Nirvana started it with Smells Like Teen Spirit and some shitty band like Pearl Jam can put it in it’s grave with Smells Like Old People. This should happen.

Either way you should go ahead and the Smells Like Old People Tee.

P.S. I hope that this post didn’t make it sound like I’m frontin’ on Nirvana, because I’m not. They’re one of the best bands ever. Kurt could write a pop song and grunge it up like nobody’s business.

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