Slam Dunk Football T Shirt

by on September 14, 2011

I call this particular type of shirt a misdirection. I actually haven’t seen a good misdirection in a while, so this football player catching a pass with the basketball terminology “slam dunk” under it is a welcome offering from Busted Tees.

Wearing these always gets a second confused look from anybody interested enough to look, and that’s the whole point. On the second look you make your move, look suave, sophisticated, funny, goofy, handsome, pretty, or whatever your game is. Then in the midst of their confusion they’re susceptible to a nice initial advance, and whammo you seal the deal by offering a drink or catching a belch and throwing it in their face, or whatever it is you work up for step two.

Now are you beginning to see the power of this Slam Dunk Football Player T Shirt. I thought so.

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