Google Terminator SkyNet T Shirt

by on November 12, 2009

skynet-tshirtThis is funny in a scary way, making the connection between the artificial intelligence (AI) in the Terminator series with Google and its mind-blowing power reach across the globe.

Wear this shirt and giggle at Google as it becomes SkyNet, controls everything in our lives, destroys our privacy…all while following the model “Don’t Be Evil.” Oh wait, the quietly let that drop and now more on a sliding evil scale where the ends justify the means. That’s cool.

Anyways, wear this shirt if you dare. You’ll find yourself branded Google Enemy #1, and sent to the Mountain View gulag, put to work scanning all of the world’s books and destroying copyright as we know it.

On second thought, never mind, this SkyNet Terminator Tshirt is bullshit…don’t get it. I beg you. DON’T GET IT!

Busted Tees regularly has lunch dates with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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