Shop Review: Young Lovers Label – Straight from their Heart to Your Chest

by on March 6, 2011

Young Lovers Label is a hip t-shirt outfit from New York City that’s producing some interesting work that you should probably check out, especially if you’re into exclusive design. These designs come from the school of fine arts, but there’s also a finely tuned sense of humor underneath the art and poetry.

The thing about Young Lovers shirts is that they’re limited edition. Only 100 are printed and made available for sale, which is an intriguing concept. You’re not going to be walking in downtown Minneapolis spy someone on the opposite corner rocking the same t shirt as you. There isn’t a chance the person in the pew in front of you will be wearing this shirt at the charismatic church that meets in the strip mall, which encourages people to dress casual. Nope, you’re going to have this design pretty much to yourself.

Now, be warned there is a cost to this exclusivity. These shirts are expensive, but the designs are visually pleasing and engage the mind. The shirt stock is “the finest premium ultra-soft combed, ringspun, 100% cotton,” that fit like American Apparel tees. Sweatshop free, of course.

I like quite a few of the current designs, but they might be here today and gone tomorrow, which is the nature of Limited Edition.

Anonymous Mona Lisa T Shirt

Dylan X Beethoven T Shirt

Guns & Arms T Shirt

Dancing Shoes T Shirt

You gotta agree those are interesting designs, and the fact that they only print 100 of each puts an edge to the shopping opportunity. Go ahead and check the Young Lovers out. By the way, I like the name. It conjures raw lust and innocent love and human exploration and all kinds whirling emotions. Timeless stuff that all people endure in their early days on the planet.


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