Shop Review: Tshirt Hell! T-shirt Hell? T Shirt Hell…

by on December 3, 2009

Tshirt Hell is treacherous as a day trip to the sulphurous lake of fire. Yet, just as picnicking in Hades has its good points, T-shirt Hell offers some juicy nuggets of hilarity.

But, I must warn you, Sunshine Megatron, as the proprietor of T shirt Hell has renamed himself, has a very offensive sense of humor and sells some of the most offensive tshirts on the web. I’m not all that sensitive, but some of Sunshine’s racier ditties even make me wince and almost faint. Now, that may be your thing and if it is, I cannot recommend any higher, the dirty, vulgar, offensive, horrible tshirts that schmear the tshirt hell website. Go happily wallow in your sick.

Live and let live. To each his own. That’s my philosophy as long as you don’t perform violence on me or my family or Geraldo Rivera. We all have our tolerance meters. I can handle all the Tshirts with the word “fuck” or its derivatives on it you can throw my way. However, bloody muppets, fairy tale hand jobs, smiling killers wielding butcher’s knives, and eyeball cum shots are simply out of my comfort range. But, I don’t judge.

However, you can navigate the treacherous paths to get to the real gold in the Sierra Madre. So, I suggest a quality pair of hiking boots, one of those stainless steel water bottles, and a breathable hat that blocks the brutal sun rays from your neck…oh wait, this is about cavorting with the devil of shirts. I got lost in gold mining reverie.

Anyways…if you get all faint with crude sexual humor, violent suggestions, liberal use of the word fuck, and plain rude quotes, you’ll probably need to steer clear of this place. Although, I have to say, if you have a guide you can find some of the funniest shirts on the ‘Net at this condemned Tshirt Hell.


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