Shop Review: Tshirt Bordello For All You Tee Whores

by on April 16, 2011

I remember checking out Tshirt Bordello a while back and I wasn’t that impressed. Kind of your standard issue humor shirts. Nothing really stood out. Designs you could find elsewhere. Not horrible like some tshirt sites you see, but nothing to email, text or Skype call your mama about.

However, I just got an email the other day, from these guys, telling me to check it out. Due dilligence called, and what do you know, Tshirt Bordello has certainly taken it to another level. They now have a catalogue with some really cool pop culture, random, memey clever t shirts.

They also have some intriguing schwag merchandise, including Amity Island Key chain that floats because it’s one of those old school foam and vinyl squishing things.

And, a bacon wallet, which is absolutely spectacular. You can almost taste that succulent pig, everytime you pull out the wallet to pay.

I also have to call attention to the Bates Motel keychain that looks like a real old school hotel key chain. That’s pretty

Honestly, I didn’t think anything good ever came out of Jacksonville, FL (I mean you read all those weird news stories that always come from Florida), but I have to say that T shirt Bordello has changed my mind on that. They really stepped up the design. When the concept calls for a rich, multi-layered, multi-colored, multi-faceted look, they have it. And the concepts themselves are worth taking a good look. They’re really gathering some unique and interesting twists on time-honored themes like zombies, bacon and Star Trek.

Hey…do you know what a Bordello is? It’s a brothel, cathouse, whorehouse. In other words, it’s a place of ill repute that
offers a product of prostitution. I don’t think blow jobs come with shirt purchases from T shirt Bordello, but once the package arrives you’ll get that eupohoric feeling that always washes over me when I’m living on the edge and dabbling in the margins. Now, when do they get American Apparel shirt stock for men? Right now, it’s just available for the ladies. My only complaint.


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