Shop Review: Topatoco Means Spectacular Artist Creative Outlet in Atlantisian Island Dialect

by on January 22, 2011

Let me tell you about Topatoco. I just stumbled upon this pretty great site that features original designs by hot shit artists that have the slightly skewed perspective on things that the uber creative often possess. It’s not for everybody, but if the other fork in the road is your bag, if twisted takes on culture and life and Lady Gaga and Edward James Olmos, and Jesus riding dinosaurs is something that gives you trembling pleasure, then you probably need to visit soon for maximum sensory stimuli.

The sell prints (as in posters and shit), mugs, books, and accessories (like neckties, magnets, plush toys, and bags, but most important…at least for this blog that features funny t shirts, they have a terrific assortment of shirts that are different than just the latest funny line from a Will Ferrell movie, or a joke about nerds staring at computers, or gamers getting repetitive motion injuries, or bacon. Well, they probably have shirts that cover nearly all that stuff, but it comes from a different, way out angle…like driving rain that looks like it’s going horizontal rather than vertical.

Do you know popular artists? Then you probably know some of the creators Topatoco (every time I type the name I want to spell taco, but that just isn’t right…tacos are delicious, but they have nothing to do with this review) features including…

A softer world
Alien Loves Predator
Amazing Super Powers
Axe Cop
Beaver and Steve
Brandon Bird
Buttercup Festival
Cat and Girl
Chris Yates
Christopher Baldwin
Crazy Vee
Dinosaur Comics
Dresden Codak
Goats – SFAM
Gunnerkrigg Court
Hark! A Vagrant
Hijinks Ensue
Jonathan Coulton
little gamers
Matt Forsythe
Maximum Fun
MSP Adventures
Not Invented Here
Octopus Pie
Wigu & DC
Pictures for Sad Children
Blade Diary
Questionable Content
Raptor Bandit Industries
Sailor Twain
Sam and Fuzzy
Starslip Chainsawsuit
3 Panel Soul
Tiny Kitten Teeth
White Ninja comics

And, of course, they break out their tee shirts into themes such as…
Historical Figure Puns
OMG Kitties and Other cute things
Animals doing things they aren’t supposed to do
Crime, anger and justice
Internets and computering
Death disaster paranoia and ennui
cephalopods and dinosaurs
Food drinking and eating
Video games, games and gaming
Science and medicine
History, historical persons and other dead people
Books, Literature and reading
Love, friendship and makeouts
Politics, religion and economics
Popular culture
Stuff in Foreign Languages
These have swears
Childlike glee
Icons, Charts and Logos
Shirts that know they’re shirts

The reason I add all of these t shirt themes, because that is the best breakdown of the types of funny t shirts there are in the world that I have ever seen. Very creative and comprehensive. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in that list, then your blind and your beachcombing metal detector thingie is broken. So sad for you.

Anyways…check out the Topatoco because it is terrific and so are you.


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