Shop Review: Threadless

by on January 14, 2010

Threadless is a cool, community-oriented Tshirt mecca, based in Chicago, where anybody can submit a design and if the community votes it as print worthy…boop…it’s a shirt available for sale…the epitome of crowdsourcing. It’s got the hip vibe and the family friendliness to be a serious player in the world of artistic tshirt retail. But, it’s not for the faint of heart.  There’s some serious originality and craft, busting the site at the seams, that your average mall crowd may not be able to appreciate or comprehend.

You’ll find funny, snarky, poignant, artistic, weird, and stupid as you peruse the voluminous catalog. If you’re into the tshirt fashion, it’s definitely a place to check out. If you’re interested in the fringe of cultural zeitgeist, Threadless delivers.

They also have a section of the site called Type Tees, which skews more humorous with funny word based zingers.

The only real issue I have with Threadless, is that you have to wade through a metric ton of fabric to find the absolute gems, especially when you’re looking for something funny. Of course, I’ve helped alleviate that issue by putting together the top 50 funny Threadless T Shirts.


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