Shop Review: Soge Shirts Compatible with Your Body

by on November 19, 2010

Soge Shirts says:
“We strive to make our shirts compatible with your body, while showing an individual attitude, that only you can bring Soge shirts was started in a park in Escondido CA in late 2007.”

Apparently, when they were taking naps in high school they weren’t studying gerunds or reading great literature because that sentence is atrocious. But, hey, we’re not here to critique their grammar skills. We’re here to talk about Tim Fox and David Cree, whose publicly displayed email address is sunofgrace, which either makes him a Buddhist, a New Ager, or a serial tanner, or slim chance that his mother’s name is grace and he misspelled son. Whatever, we’re not here to talk about the founders of Soge Shirts, we’re here to bask in the glory of their shirts. And, their funny t shirts, are, indeed glorious.

Tim let me know a while back that they were the original developers of the “If Life Gives You Melons you may be dyslexic” t shirt. He’s cool with the fact that Snorg Tees kind of borrowed the concept, tweaked it and made it their own as you can see in this version of If Life Gives you Melons You May Be Dyslexic T shirt.

In fact, Tim is real cool about it and deserves a shout out for being the OG on this concept. If you, like me, enjoy this shirt a great deal, you may want to go with the original, and tell your friends that are wearing the rehashed bullshit that you’re the real deal. It’s like seeing The Black Keys in the intimate club before they blew up. That’s a better story. They’re still damn good, but nothing’s like having Dan Auerbach’s gnome beard sweat drip into your eyeballs as you bob your head 18 inches from his crotch.

Secondly, Tim gave me a nice tip on the buzz surrounding their Where Rainbows Come From T Shirt. I think he’s probably lying and just trying to get me to promote a shirt that doesn’t sell so they can move some of that massive inventory that’s filling up their mom’s basement, but I’m going to promote it just the same. Actually, I’m kidding,  they don’t carry inventory because they’re on Zazzle or Cafe Press or one of those sites where they basically print the shirts or other schwag on demand.

I actually do like the rainbow shirt because who hasn’t laid down on the grass, next to your prematurely hairy-chested friend Larry, closed one eye and seen a cloud unicorn fart a rainbow. This is a universal experience that must be celebrated on your body.

And, don’t forget, the shirts are compatible with your body, meaning you won’t break out in hives. Check these guys out.

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