Shop Review: Rizzo Tees Does the Thing with the Shirts That You Like

by on January 21, 2012

I’m reviewing Rizzo Tees right here because the proprietor of the shop, Chris Reimer, is some sort of social media guru master rock star, and I figure if I can get him to like me by slathering heavy, thick praise on his shirt work that he might become my friend on Facebook, or follower on Twitter, or connect with me somehow that makes me look 112 times cooler than I really am.

The other thing about this Rizzo Tees place is that they have a lot of really funny shirts, which always comes in handy when your business is selling funny t shirts. So, I’m giving thumbs up for that.

If you go ahead and visit the Rizzo Tees About page, you’ll note that Chris is a funny dude. For example, here’s his explanation of where he got the name for his business:

“Honestly, the name appeared before me in a dream, as if some sort of Italian branding apparition.  And that’s all I needed!”

You can also see from his catalog that he can turn a phrase and realize a vision of hilarity on cotton. For these reasons, I have to give Rizzo Tees high marks. Check ’em out.

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