Shop Review: Polly & Crackers Tweaks Conventional T Shirtery

by on March 24, 2011

Polly and Crackers is a nice little shirt outfit from North Carolina (I did some heavy duty research on the area code on their contact phone number). They go for the lo-fi look on their designs, and the messaging is obtuse or even random.

It take a minute to get used to but they really grow on you. Forget gamer shirts or paying homage to the latest hit comedy TV show or Will Ferrell’s latest movie. This is real deal off-kilter shit featuring shirtless good Samaritans, sexy blond shady bitches, stoned moms, homicidal pre-pubescent girls, alcoholic beverages, punk rockers drinking silly martinis, rhyming, incomprehensible communications between boy and deer, drug addled ladies, boom box ballerinas, and petty-coated fiddler players.

I mean these topics, the art work, the words…they’re way out there and wild. Look at the logo. It’s like some girl child cursing, which is pretty spectacular. Now, I’ll tell you a little secret before you deal with these folks. Only the people that have already been accepted as suitable Polly & Crackers customers can call them by their short name: P&C. Wondering if you have what it takes to qualify as a customer. Well, the only way to find out is to visit the site without malice in your heart, and browse the selections, and place the shirts into the cart and give them your credit card number, and if it was meant to be that charge will go through and you will have your merchandise shipped to you.

Good luck with this. I have faith, because after all you’re on this site, and that takes some chutzpa.

The only other thing I want to tell you about this clothier is that they have some whacky stuff going on with hang-tags and Dezzi’s and Moni’s that I don’t understand at all but you might, so I’ll quote from their info page:

Who is Dezzi? Who is Monis?

Every group of shirts we come out with has a specific name and hang-tag. Line Dezzi is P&C’s first group of 25 shirts. Now we are getting into line Monis. Our hang-tags our truly one-of-a-kind.

Every P&C shirt is authenticated with Polly’s face & cussing in the neckline. Polly & Crackers isn’t just another t-shirt line- it’s a culture.”

I’m pretty sure that gibberish means that if you step up and lay down your money, you will receive shirts that have been specially tagged. You could own one of the first few ever shipped, which would mean in 9 years, you could probably sell it on the futuristic eBay for like $444,023. So, please also think of Polly & Crackers as a potential great investment…way better than your house or that portfolio that has sort of been re-built only to be decimated again soon.


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