Shop Review: PalmerCash Has Apparel, Knick Knacks and Other Stuff You Need

by on May 15, 2011

PalmerCash is a fairly well known retailer comparable to an Urban Outfitters…a hip, young shop with interesting apparel and knick knacks. Of course, as a reviewer of funny t shirts I’m concerned with the Palmer Cash catalog of tees, which is rich with weirdness and interesting concept and design.

Looks like PalmerCash started in 1976, so they probably have a bunch of equity when you’re in business that long. I’m guessing that the store did not start on the Internet because the Web was only a kernel in Al Gore’s bountiful mind in 1976, so they probably have at least one mothership retail location, though I’m not seeing that information on their site. Maybe it’s a dirty little secret.

There are some good shirts available at P C. Although, I’m a bit confused as to why every third shirt is a reference to Cuba. Maybe Fidel Castro owns the company, but has to run it through the US, so that his people don’t think he’s a sellout capitalist pig. Palmer  Cash (is it one word or two?) also seems to have some random licensing deals, so they carry a Chicago Bears shirt here, a Denver Broncos hoodie there, and a Big Lebowski tee yonder.

Playboy is represented with a few items, which seems like a relic from the past, but the bunny is somewhat quaint. And, then there’s the astronaut shirts. And a smattering of movie tees. Looks like some buyer just has carte blanche to pick up whatever tickles her fancy.

Anyways, be sure to check out there sale pages for men and women, where you can grab awesome designs for half off.


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