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by on June 17, 2012

Well it looks like Mike Tyson is getting into the t-shirt game. I just received two sample shirts and I have to say, they’re pretty damn cool! Boxing, acting, pigeons, and now t-shirts. Dude is a renaissance man, which you have to appreciate. Looks like he has put as much care into developing the line of shirts, as he did in becoming one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time.

The perception was he was a street brawler and crazy (Evander Holyfield’s ear anyone?), but there wasn’t a more well prepared boxer mentally, physically, and emotionally than Mike Tyson. He was a student of the craft. He watched tape. He worked hard. I choose to remember this Mike Tyson as I wear his shirts rather than all of the dark periods where his judgment was terrible. Interesting man to say the least.

My Style is Impetuous

This comes from a post-fight quote with Jim Gray where Mike is fired up. He’s just knocked some dude out in like 8 seconds and he needs to get a few things off his chest. Praise to Allah. Shout out and dedication to his recently passed friend. Love to his children. And a scary little rant aimed directly at Lennox Lewis, the heavyweight Ccamp he was gunning for:

“Lennox Lewis, Lennox…I’m comin’ for you…I’m the best ever. I’m the most brutal and vicious and the most ruthless champion there’s ever been…there’s no one could stop me.  There’s no one that can match me. My Style is Impetuous. My defenses impregnable. I’m just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat his children.”

Impetuous means marked by vehemence, passion or even violence. That pretty much describes Tyson, especially in the ring. But, why not the fashion too?

I think his shirt people wisely figured that it actually makes sense in a wildly fashionable way, and decided to make “My style is impetuous” one of the original designs in the collection. And it’s one I received. I love it. It has the words with a stylized Tyson image within the letters pretty cool.

Mike Tyson Face Tattoo T Shirt

The other shirt I received was the tattoo design. Yes, the tattoo around his eye, which is some sort of Maori Warrior design, which is kind of cool and altogether frightening. I’ve always held the belief that if you tattoo from the neck up, you got the crazy in you. Of course, the design was a main prop in the movie The Hangover II, which Tyson wasn’t in (he was great in the first The Hangover).

There was a big kerfuffle about the copyright on the tattoo. The tattoo artist sued The Hangover II eventually losing, but nothing is not impetuous about Tyson it seems.

I need to mention that these tees are all cotton, amazingly soft, and fitted. They just fell like they’re high quality…you know what I mean if you have spent good money on a t-shirt.

I have to admit initially I wasn’t super thrilled about participating in this Mike Tyson Collection t-shirt blogging initiative, but the shirts are great quality, the designs look spectacular, and are sure to trigger conversation wherever you go. I’m not going to encourage the kids to get the tattoo around their eye, but I don’t know if I’m on a free shirt high, but it looks really cool on the tee and on Tyson’s face.

Or maybe I remember the aggression he brought to the ring, which slipped out in random public spots as well, and am just praising the collection out of fear. Ha Ha. Just kidding.

You’ve seen the documentary Tyson….right?

He’s also on all the social channels, so follow him:


Tyson may be good at a lot of things, but he cannot sing:

God, how would you like to hold the focus pads or be a ref that has to step in to save a life, much less be the opponent of Mike Tyson. Look at the hand speed and otherworldly force. Good Lord.

And, here he is explaining that he’s a “color guy” when it comes to liking pigeons:

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