Shop Review: Homebrewed Tees Out of the Tap Strong

by on September 11, 2010

Got an email to review a new T Shirt shop, which happens every once in a while. I clicked the link expecting to see the same ol’ Busted/Snorg Tees rip offs, but lo and behold Homebrewed Tees brings it fresh and delicious like any finely crafted home brew.

On the most basic level I really like the look of their site. Their logo is cool, their name is cool. These are signals of quality that say this outfit knows what they’re doing and their shirts are probably hot shit too. And they are. Original. Good looking designs. Funny.

Here are my 7 favorite after a first run through.

Shit Shower Shave T shirt

Very important to make goals and then create a daily to do list to make progress toward said goals. Very useful shirt when you really want to make sure you have the basics covered. Confession: I proudly take care of one of those on a daily basis, and the others happen when they happen. Do they offer a shirt with just one of the boxes checked?

Incorrect: Pull Up Your Pants T Shirt

This is one in a series of great shirts that say “incorrect” and show a heinous social impropriety. This is a great shirt convention and you need to check out the small dog in a bag, the mullet, and bumper stickers! I especially like the dotted line around the particularly offensive area.

Life Before Facebook T shirt

Before Facebook people got outdoors. Enjoyed red, white, and blue rainbows. And generally had a much higher quality of life. Maybe even floated around in the clouds.

Surprise It’s an Intervention T Shirt

This is quite good, and you know it’s going to be a kick ass party because there’s a dude with a unicycle. Why do interventions have to be so somber anyway. Get some people together, have a real good time, and then tell the targeted person to get their shit together. Of course, if this is an alcohol problem, there’s no way you’re pulling this off, because suprise parties suck without booze.

Hola Dog Butt Sniffing T Shirt

I have a certain affinity to Spanish though I can’t speak it for shit, so this shirt really speaks to me in a  deep, elemental way. Ass Hola!

Gaza Strip Club: Everyone Wants a Piece T Shirt

Double wordplay brilliance. Dropping the club after Strip = good. Saying everybody wants a piece, because, well, you know the troubles with the Israelis and the Palestinians. Everybody wants a piece of the land, which is comparable to a piece of ass in a club. Look I’m getting my pdD on this shirt, so if anyone wants any more dry, academic explanations let me know. I’m the one with my shirt tucked in at the library. My nose is probably running.

Gettin’ Lucky in Azeroth T Shirt

Switcherooni here. You’re thinking this is a United States shirt with perhaps a rhyme…Lucky Kentucky anyone, but then, out of nowhere they drop Azeroth. You’ll appreciate this more if you’re a World of Warcraft player.

Bonus Tee: Orange Gators Half Shirt #22

These shirts are great and everything, but what I really want to know is how to I get my hands on that orange, Gators mesh half shirt, because that takes my game to another level: PLAYER!

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