Shop Review: Glennz Tees Delivers the Goods

by on September 12, 2010

Straight from the slightly askew mind of Glenn Jones. This dude is absolutely deadly hilarious.

Special thanks to for turning me on to this guy. Some examples of the brilliance:

Team Photo

Team Photo Tshirt

This foosball team had to come an hour early in their away jersey’s to get the team photo taken and individual faux action shots as well. You’ll just have to explain this one is called Team Photo, so all of the curious passerbys can get the full effect.

Prize Catch

Prize Catch tshirt

No more grainy black and white, dusky images needed. That Loch Ness monster shit is proven – straight up – right here above Cormag Cairns’ mantel.

Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games Tshirt

The big news in the competitive running with scissors Olympic trials in Boise is the widespread use of performance enhancing substances. It’s a shame really, but who can blame these guys – under so much pressure to perform and excel, while risking their lives. Simply too much pressure to be healthy.

Extreme Beginnings

Extreme Beginnings tshirt

Been there, done that circa 1859 motherscratchers. The original X gamer comin’ at you without all that pansy padding. Just knickers, and a big mustache.

And my absolute favorite:

Deep Secret

Deep Secret Tshirts

Dubloons and pirate booty sort of lose their intrigue when the magnitude of this hits. Of course, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, we all had an inkling that our big ol’ amazing planet was set up like this. It just happens that Jacques Cousteau’s little nephew brought the straight dope on the true life aquatic with high res pics from 20K leagues down under. Might as well just have fun before Neptune pulls the plug.

Find all the tshirts above at Glennz Tees Store.

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