Shop Review: Angry Birds T Shirts Does One Thing Well

by on August 21, 2011

When you have an issue with your heart, you don’t go to a general practitioner, you go to a cardiologist. Right? Generalists are great when you don’t have a specific need, but when you need the best you go to a specialist. That is what Angry Birds T Shirts is. They only do one thing: Angry Birds Tees. Nothing else. They realize that there is enough interest in the Angry Birds that they can have a thriving business with a website that sells nothing but Angry Birds shir


Ingenious really. They’re the expert. They’re who you go to when you want the best officially licensed Angry Birds schwag. That’s probably enough of a review. Obviously, I’m a big fan of the site. The designs are great, and they have what you need whether it’s pigs or birds in men, women and kid’s sizes and styles.

What else to say. The designs are sharp and clean and capture the Angry Birds ethos (what am I a Freshman art major). The website is very easy to navigate, of course, because it’s not cluttered with other topics.

I give this Angry Birds T Shirts two thumbs up and a couple wing flaps.


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