Shit Happens When You Party Naked T Shirt from Deez Teez

by on March 4, 2012

Man that’s a hot woman partying naked right here. Looks like she may beyond coherent thought though. Probably wouldn’t have the party hat askew and hair over her eyes and the beer spilling out of the body if she even had half her faculties about her. That’s why you can party with this person, but that’s it. No taking advantage. Just a little advice. Get this Shit Happens When You Party Naked T Shirt as kind of a guide to your weekend adventure. A do’s and dont’s sort of cheat sheet. It may be tempting to make a move but I advice that you do not.

She’ll probably throw up in your car and break at least one window in your apartment. Not to mention the part where she forget that she had a boyfriend and he’s a ‘roid head, and he has the technical capability to track her down because of an app on her iPhone. Yikes.

Deez Teez wants you to have fun no doubt, and, of course, partying naked tends to be fun, but please party naked responsibly.

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