Sheriff Sans Sheriff T Shirt

by on August 8, 2011

Wordplay right here. That one sheriff was totally pissed that the other dude was stealin’ his style from brim of his hat to the tip of his boots. Bad dusty town etiquette right there. You gotta let a man rock his own unique style. It’s not like they were shoppin’ at Wal-Mart where 30 million people buy the same mass produced clothing. Anyways…you also have the whole serif and sans serif font business. Which then becomes a little bit of a showdown at sundown because some people like the serifs on their online pages, while others swear by sans.

What’s your preference? Either way this Sheriff Sans Sheriff T Shirt is perfect for your dresser of drawers and any festive occassion.

Snorg Tees recommends you don’t wear this shirt if you local neighborhood slinger is already wearing this shirt. Better be the first on your block.

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