Sheldon Fantasy Football It’s Just Dungeons and Dragons for Dudes Who Won’t Play D&D T Shirt

by on February 27, 2011

You’re not fooling anyone. You try to act like you’re macho and in to sports. And fist pumps, chest bumps, forearm bashes, but really you’re into engaging your imagination in  games that really have no basis in reality. Sure there are real dudes putting up the stats in real games that give you the statistics to make the fantasy football league fun, but really you’re “managing” an imaginary team against some other dude’s imaginary team and that has a lot in common with Dungeons and Dragons. Wouldn’t you say?

Topatoco knows it’s true, which is why they printed up this D&D shirt designed by Sheldon. That and because it’s funny, because most sports fans do not want to associate themselves with this branch of the fantasy game playing population.

Get the Fantasy Football It’s Jut Dungeons and Dragons for Dudes Who Don’t Play D&D T Shirt.

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