Sheepzilla Takes Tokyo

by on November 22, 2009

I dig the original, hand-painted designs of this sheepzilla cat. Really funky looking stuff, like…

grandpa-bunny-tshirtGrandpa Bunny – Looks a little like the Grinch with a weirdo bunny hat, which is pretty much what happened to the Grinch once he lost his evil mojo. He had that one wonderful Christmas, then became a sad lost soul, wearing a weird bunny hat that he probably stole back in the good ol’ days.

eyeballs-tshirtEyeballs – Shit’s swimming like sperm. Like some genetic experiment gone very bad. This is actually an actual microscopic image of Jennifer Aniston’s artificial insemination with the long-frozen sperm of Peter Lorre. Instant collector’s item. Will be a cool kid if it takes.

mr-ralphy-nipple-tshirtMr. Ralphy Nipple – Only a cool dog has dude nipples, and the juevos to wear the fuzzy rabbit hood. This Mr. Ralphy gets my vote as dog of the week!

This sheepzilla artist man will even hand paint tshirt requests. Of course, I hear even he refuses to do Freebird.

Go to Sheepzilla right now and take him up on this deal before he’s overwhelmed by requests from Scientologists. They’re big into hand-painted collector tshirts. Dig.

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