Shark Punch T Shirt

by on March 16, 2011

Dude. Wicked uppercut by the dude that got his diving equipment at a pawn shop like three miles inland from the cove. He even disregards the common advice to aim for the nose and goes straight for the chin, because that’s what kind of badass he is. Not to mention he’s wearing knee pads from the 70s, sneakers with buckles wrapped around them, and that old ass diver mask that probably doesn’t even work. In fact, it’s kind of sad, he does this thing to the shark, who just swims away defeated, but Mr. Uppercut actually dies on this dive because the helmet is too heavy and he’s not actually connected to any oxygen. But, it’s good that we wear this Shark Punch T Shirt, because it celebrates the good times.

Busted Tees teamed up with SharpShirter to offer you this lovely underwater moment. You should probably write a letter of gratitude.

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