SEX Do It For the Kids Tshirt

by on October 9, 2008

This is a very important message. A powerful PSA. If you want the kids, you need to do the SEX. Straight to the point. Who wouldn’t want to go for parenthood after looking at that very poignant scene on the front of this shirt? You and I both agree with Whitney: “I believe the children are our future.” And let me tell you a startling fact—there’s only one way to produce children: sex. No joke.

On a side note: If you’ve looked at a few posts on this blog, you probably noticed I post a lot of pictures of the model donning this particular shirt. Let’s just say it adds visual appeal to an otherwise stark looking page. Anyway, this happens to be the best picture of her.

OK. Make sure the world has a future and remind everybody to do their part. Purchase and wear often: the SEX Do it for the kids tshirt.

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