Sewer Gator T-shirt

by on March 20, 2010

You do not want this creature tickling your taint when you’re on the can. You do not want this gator, even though he’s small, nosing in on the bathroom time of your friends and loved ones. But, and this is big, you do not want to create a panic. So what you need to do is wear this Sewer Gator Tshirt to gently break the news to people.

Yes, there are alligators in the New York City sewer systems. No, despite urban legends, tall tales and flat out lies, we do not how they got there, but, yes, they are there. Just be aware. Keep your eyes wide open and your senses on full alert each and every time you take a dump and each and every time you muck around in the NYC sewer system. Remember to vigilantly ask yourself, what would Bear Grylls do.

Knowledge is power and each person that sees this shirt on your chest is potentially someone that has been saved from the extreme fright and discomfort of having a tiny alligator nibble at your genitals.

Headline Shirts investigates all the urban legends with great voracity.

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