Seven Hundred Ben & Jerry’s and Star Wars Mashup T Shirts from Red Bubble

by on May 4, 2012

I love this whole Star Wars and Ben & Jerry’s t-shirt mashup series designed by Seven Hundred and made available on Red Bubble. Really clever. Really cool. Here’s a list of the different Old Ben & Jedi’s “flavors”:

– Tatooine Twin Sundae
– Dough or Donut There is No Pie
– Kessel Rum & Raisin
– Let the Cookie Win
– Darths Force Choke-olate
– Cherry-5 Standing by
– Echo Biscuit Base & Caramel
– Forest of Endor Fruits
– Hutt Fudge & Crumb Sundae
– Aren’t You a Little Shortcake for a Storm Trooper

Don’t forget this ice cream is the galaxy’s finest.

What a great concept and it’s executed very well. Great t-shirts for any Star Wars and/or ice cream fan.

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