Seven Deadly Sins T Shirt

by on December 10, 2010

Okay, I guess you can’t really analyze this shirt without pulling out the seven deadly sins and going over them one at a time. But first, according to

“The Seven Deadly Sins are those transgressions which are fatal to spiritual progress. You probably commit some of them every day without thinking about the rich tradition of eternal damnation in which you’re participating.”

That’s funny. The “rich tradition of eternal damnation.” Congratulations. You are human and you have woven yourself into the tapestry of life with the following transgressions:

1. Pride – The crown is probably pride. You have to have some boastfulness to be able to pull off the king gig, bossing people around, starting wars, telling boys to cut off their testicles so that they’ll sing well for you.
2. Envy – I don’t know that envy really made the shirt. Thoughts? Smoking maybe. You saw some skinny actress smoking and thought that was the way to lose weight and garner some of the attention she is getting. I’m reaching here.
3. Gluttony – I guess the alcohol could fall under this heading, though I would have stuck a mutton chop in the right hand, moving the pistol to the ankle or calf area.
4. Lust – Easy those are sexy legs.
5. Anger – The gun is cocked and loaded and ready to show that dude that looked at you funny what’s what.
6. Greed – I’m thinking those are cards in the right boot, which probably stands for gambling, which boils down to greed for all intents and purposes.
7. Sloth – After a heavy, hazy night of cards, smoking, alcohol, and sordid sex, you ain’t getting up early to meditate, exercise, and help the poor.

With all that said, you’ll need this Seven Deadly Sins: Because You Could Die Tomorrow T Shirt to remind you of what not to do. Or to go balls to the wall in the other direction, spiritual progress be damned.

Headline Shirts employs only those going down the latter path. Hedonist party people 24/7 in San Francisco.

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ElectronicCigFan December 10, 2010 at 11:59 am

Now that’s a serious cool t-shirt!


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