Sesame Street Zombie Bert and Ernie Zombert & Zernie T Shirt

by on March 5, 2011

Rubber duckie you’re so fine. Rubber duckie please be mine. I think I had a nightmare like this when I was three. The evil Bert and Ernie. I think they ended up doing unspeakable things to that poor rubber duck. But, now we have the modernized version with this Zombert & Zernie T Shirt.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to your niece’s birthday party. That might be the last time you ever see her, and you’ll probably be exiled from the family. An outcast. But, I’m not saying those are the only outcomes you can achieve by wearing this shirt from 604 Republic. You can also receive great attention in the darkest, seediest, most soulful rooms in your town, and that can be significantly good depending on how you play it. It’s all up to you how you use this bastardized version of a children’s institution.

Zombies. Zombies. Get your rotting, stench-ridden zombies right here: the best funny Zombie T Shirts on the web.

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