See You Later Alligator After a While Crocodile T Shirt

by on January 29, 2011

Cute shirt. Got the alligator and the crocodile bidding their goodbyes with the classic rhyming goofy salutations. Of course, it’s all to cover up that they have very deep feelings for each other, and if life’s circumstances were different or if they had bigger sacks, they could reach out for the ring and hold on to it for dear life. It’s that whole thing, different species not feeling comfortable because of the families and the tradition and the reptilisms. They could be brave and bear the brunt of ostracism and following their hearts, but the weight is too heavy so they slip into cute little colloquialisms.

I don’t blame them. Sometimes you think it’s the one…but then that person, gator, croc, turns out not to be the one, and here you have sacrificed everything for them. The whole thing is a huge gamble, which is why you should get the See You Later Alligator After a While Crocodile T Shirt to remind you of this truth.

Snorg Tees thought they were just doing a goofy shirt, but I know what’s going on when you peel back the childish rhymes.

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