Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Soundtrack Is Pretty Good

by on August 11, 2010

Hey. Check it out, you can listen to the whole Scott Pilgrim VS. The World soundtrack at

The album is full of great songs and sprinkled with some uneasy listeners, but overall it’s good. Not a big fan of Plumtree, which happens to play a big part in Michael Cera’s wardrobe for the movie. Frank Black should never play music without his The Pixies buddies. Black Lips are wicked. Broken Social Scene wrote  a couple of short selections for Crash and the Boys and has one ditty of their own on this collection. Beck’s song Ramona is sort of boring, but I bet it works perfect in it’s intended place…enhancing a montage of Pilgrim pining for Ramona, meeting Ramona, sexy timing Ramona, getting pissed at Ramona, fighting Ramona’s exes, getting pissed at Ramona, and finally sexy timing Ramona again…this is just a guess. I didn’t go to a pre-screening.

I’m a big fan of Marc Bolan and T. Rex, so it’s always good to see a track from them. Under My Thumb is one of the greats from The Rolling Stones. I didn’t expect much from the actual Sex Bob-omb band, but their singing Beck-penned tunes, and they do them pretty well.

Ah, who cares what I think. Go check the album out for yourself.

And, if you, like I, worship Beck, then you’ll probably want to read this recent interview with him.

Now that you’re all fired up all over again for the Scott Pilgrim movie releasing tomorrow, you probably want to display that passion with a Scott Pilgrim T Shirt.

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