Scimitar Knife Rack Tshirt

by on May 4, 2010

Size Matters is a pretty dorky name for this tshirt. Doesn’t really capture the humor that’s going on here. Don’t get me wrong the graphic artistry is top notch in delivering the funny, but the name just doesn’t work. Apparently, there was a popularity contest to name, which is why there’s a little disconnect. The pros designed it but didn’t name it.

Of course, I once brought up to find solutions to problems and not just bitch about them, so the productive thing to do in this situation would be to come up with an alternate name for this beauty of a tshirt. Something in the neighborhood of Pirate Kitchen or Pirate Knife Rack. Or The Plate and the Pirate. Or Stealing food from peaceful sea faring cargo vessels and cooking it beautifully. Or the new 6 Piece Cutlery Set available at the Target store in Somalia. Yeah, this isn’t easy and I’m not quite there but something’s missing from the current name.

Good news is the name of the shirt is not on the shirt and you can just wear Scimitar Pirate Knife Rack Size Matters Tshirt without worrying about it. So get it. Now!

Headline Shirts waters down their brand with line of cutlery. Stick to what you know for God’s sake.

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