Science T Shirt

by on November 27, 2010

It is time to wrest control the belief system of the masses and turn them from blind faith in a God that made the world to at least intelligent design. Or, even better, let’s all believe in science. I actually sort of believe in science but I also know that a lot of times you can find the results you want to find, so that a drug is deemed safe and effective when there really hasn’t been testing. I also know that science only knows a grain of sand of the sandy beach of whacky and wild knowledge of the universe that is out of there. So, I think that probably we still need a little faith in something outside of ourselves, but in terms of figuring out the basics of how the earth works, science is now doing a pretty good job, which is why you can wear this Science T Shirt loud and proud.

Plus, I really like the atom image being added. Very nice touch by Busted Tees. What do you think about science? Like it? Believe in it? Don’t believe in it?

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