Scarface Angry Birds T Shirt

by on August 21, 2011

Whenever you can mashup one of the most iconic crime, drug, gangster films with the most addictive app in the iTunes store you have to do it, especially for the kids. I mean Tony Montana is angry just like those birds, and neither likes the pigs. Get it pigs. Ha Ha. Anyway, that black and white portrait  with red lettering is spectacular and has stood the test of time for the Scarface franchise, which maybe is a slightly overrated movie, but it has garnered acceptance and adulation in every corner of the globe by every race, religion, and creed. OK that may have overstated a bit, but I see Scarface jackets and tees in the ghetto all the time, so that means something. The film is 28 years old. Pacino did the thing. It’s timeless.

Now, this silly little game has the same type of juice that will carry it through the test of time. That’s why this Scarface Angry Birds T Shirt is something you need to wear on your body.

Angry Birds T Shirts does the thing with the birds that are angry and it is good.

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