Pulp Fiction Samuel Jackson Say Tweet Again Tshirt

by on May 16, 2010

Jules Winnfield takes no shit. He reads to educate himself, and he has absolutely no time for all of this modern day Internet, social media, social networking nonsense. For him it’s all about the truth, and the truth is how you deal with a gun in your face.

So bad ass. On the other hand, wouldn’t be interesting for a hired killer to tweet his daily business. Tailed the mark. Watched the mark get a BJ in the red light district. Polished my gun. Talked some shit to some fuzz tryin’ to give me a hard time. Quoted Isaiah to the mark. Shot mark in the head. Nice clean one between the eyes. Felt really good about the work. I seem to be getting better and better.

Had a nice footlong at Subway. Now, for some me time.

Could be entertaining. Probably not as many followers as Aston Kutcher, but maybe close. But, your followers can tell if you’re just goin’ through the motions. You need to WANT to tweet. If it’s not in your heart you shouldn’t fake it. Your tweeps can tell.

Anyway, express your outrage over shallow, superficial communication and demand gheri curl realism by wearing the Say Tweet Again Tshirt.

Samuel Jackson demands that you either watch Snakes on a Plane on Blu-Ray or visit Headline Shirts.

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