Save Water Shower With a Friend Tshirt

by on April 22, 2010

Hey, it’s Earth Day. What better way to celebrate than getting naked and sudsy with your favorite shower buddy. Bonus points if you wear glasses while showering and/or have a mustache, hairy back, puffy and/or feathered hair. This all takes this partner showing experience to the next level, plus makes you look even greener, which is always a good way to pick up some wanted attention at whatever Earth Day gathering you choose to attend. After all, that is what those things are all about. Right? Gettin’ laid. Am I right?

Get the Save Water Shower with a Friend Tshirt.

Anyways, this shirt has just the right retro styling and goofy messaging to make it as tshirt of the day. Plus, this Tee Hugger outfit seems to be doing a lot of good things, including using 100% organic tshirts to print their whacky and poignant messages. They’re also teaming up with American Forests to plant a tree for every tee they sell.

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uno February 11, 2012 at 11:44 am

Would you become a friend of uno the babyseal’s movement to save water. The motto is save water, and I’ll say I love you too. Check out the facebook page and participate to the movement inspiring others to save water: tricks & replications are the keys. Post your tips & upload your photos, stickers, tags, drawings of UNO. UNO is the baby seal symbol of the ones who understand water is important. UNO is a symbol, to be replicated, over and over… wherever uno is seen, water is being saved

Uno’s rule 1 and only: uno have to be recognizable and willing to save water, ending messages by “and I’ll say I love you too”


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