Sausage Fest T Shirt

by on June 21, 2011

sausage festival t shirt Sausage Fest T Shirtbuy now button yellow Sausage Fest T ShirtI live in Milwaukee and I’m pretty sure there are about eight sausage fests a month, in the Spring and Summer, including an hour’s worth fireworks to celebrate the meat. Of course, this Sausage Fest T Shirt is in reference to any gathering where there is a lot more dudes than chicks. Get it. Dude’s have weiners, which can also be called Sausages even in mixed company.

So the next time you go to that party put on by the nerds with no lady friends, you can wear this shirt for a while. Smirk at all the nerd guy convos, and jet to your pack of wild women waiting for you at that air bar or whatever.

Busted Tees guarantees wearing this shirt makes you super cool or your money back.

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