Satriale’s Pork Store The Sopranos T Shirt

by on September 8, 2010

So, this is some tshirt about a mafia tv show. What’s funny in that? The mafia wasn’t funny. They ruled by intimidation and were very unscrupulous. Al Pacino died of syphilis in prison. Is that the way you want your children to go out. Didn’t think so.

I thought Busted Tees was a funny t shirt place. This Satriale’s Pork Store T shirt is in reference to a fictional shop in the 1970s that doesn’t exist accept that it has its own wikipedia page and I don’t. So, again, where’s the humor. What’s the point? Why am I even wasting precious key strokes on this.

That James Gandolfini is a pretty good actor and all…at least he held his own in the presence of Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. Plus, he does a great heavy when in real life he’s gay. So, props to that. Just kidding he’s not gay.

Whatever…you’re going to buy this shirt whatever I say, just because it references different meats: meat market, angus beef, Italian pork sausage. Meat is in with you kids these days, even if a show that ended like 7 years ago is not.

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