Sarcasm is the Best Thing Ever T Shirt

by on September 28, 2010

Not sure why a statement of truth ends up on a supposedly funny t shirt. Sarcasm truly is the best thing ever. It’s way better than dirty sexy time, and forget about cheese cake, sarcasm takes that cake, too.

The acceleration and handling of a Ferrari – sarcasm is better. And, that’s all the good things I can think of that sarcasm trumps with ease, so now comes the point where I really have to put my salesman hat on and ask for you to take some action. And, that particular action is taking out your wallet, choosing your most favorite credit card and purchasing the Sarcasm is the Best Thing Ever T Shirt right now, before you get distracted and move on to the latest hilarious nut-crunching video.

Do it! Now!

Did you know Snorg Tees has the second most employees amongst all the corporations based in Atlanta or outlying areas. True story. Only Coca-Cola has more. Turner Broadcasting Systems you ask? Don’t make me laugh. What are you trying to be sarcastic?

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