Sarah Palin Ignorance is Bliss T Shirt

by on September 7, 2010

I like the nose piercing and the ransom note cut out letters. A little like the Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen single record cover.

And then there’s the great copy on the page from Headline Shirts:

“Good for you, Sarah Palin. A lesser human might have wilted under the blaze of her own, blinding hypocrisy. But not you. You’re a regular gal who gets paid $100k for a night of speaking. Only in your world could a Tea Party made of mostly old, rich whites bitching about taxes somehow be called a ‘revolution.’”

Very solid work here. Sarah Palin Ignorance is Bliss T Shirt is the “It” political/cultural shirt of the season. Show everybody you know what time it is and get it now.

Headline Shirts really puts out good stuff on a very consistent basis. Very consistent.

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