San Francisco Giants Set to Grab World Series Title

by on October 27, 2010

Tim Lincecum versus Cliff Lee. Game One. World Series. AT&T Park. This is great. Basically, it’s proving I’m a fair weather fan. Not since I lived in the Bay Area and went to a lot of games with my Dad, who got into Candlestick Park free with a clergy pass, have I really given a damn about San Francisco Giants baseball. Actually, I gave them some passing interest when they were having success in the late 80s, and gave them a glance when Bonds will carrying them on his broad shoulders and fat head.

But now, how can I not be interested in The Freak or what about Brian Wilson and his black beard and all around nutty shit. How ’bout the scrappiness of the team without a huge star. It’s a great story.

Did I mention that their closer is a complete nutter? Check out some of his shenanigans including the S&M dude walking around in the background of a Skype interview, and the story behind this Machine character.

And here is on Jim Rome talking about how he became a reliever:

Go Giants! My two passions: funny t shirts and hopping bandwagons. Woo hoo!

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