Monster Truck T Shirt from Sacer and Savive

by on December 18, 2011

Sometimes you just need to pick up a hand-stenciled Monster Truck T Shirt and wear it on random occasions.

Am I right? I think I am. You may not even be into monster trucks or hand-stenciled designs, but that’s the beauty of it. Next time you go to a house party, they ask to take your coat, and you say “of course,” revealing this cool shirt as you hand it to them to throw on the master bed. They’ll give a double take, but not have time to ask you about it, because they have more coats to grab.

Or what about confession. The priest will let you off easy for being promiscuous, because he’s staring at your shirt wondering wear it came from and what possessed you to wear it, and not hearing the story about five different partners in the last week.

You know where I’m coming from on this. Basically, go to Sacer and Savive and pick up this shirt and be cool for the rest of your life guaranteed.

Oh and if you are an actual monster truck fan, then I have nothing to say you. JK. This is an obvious winner for you, of course.

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