Running On Empty – Low Fuel Coffee T Shirt

by on September 9, 2010

A spot of tea anyone? What that isn’t a tea cup? This isn’t about tea? Oh, this is all about coffee, and more importantly the very effective drug called caffeine. Oh, there’s a burgeoning culture on the Internet that plugs and glugs, ripping around the Internet at the speed of of a T1 with their brains buzzing with creativity…ideas pushing the technology and the use of it to new heights.

Will there be a backlash? Will all of these caffeine junkies blow out their adrenals? Will their eyes burn out? Will their brains fizzle fry? Will the speed get too much, go out of control, crash and burn, and drop us right back into caveman times?

Who knows but this caffeine fueled ride is pretty sweet. Agree? Get the Running on Empty Low Fuel Coffee T Shirt and step boldly.

Actually, this is a secret, but Snorg Tees is a company full of herbal tea drinkers. Wusies.

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