Rugrats Reptar on Ice T Shirt

by on November 26, 2010

No idea what this shirt means. Of course, 36 seconds of Googling and I’m an expert. Who loves technology? Who loves Google? Who loves the modern age when you can pass yourself off as an expert as long as you can cobble together two coherent sentences together about a specific topic. Yay! I do.

Anyway, apparently in a Rugrats on Nicktoons episode, there’s some sort of Icecapades show going on in an outdoor rink, and some dude in a dinosaur outfit and a princess are having a beauty and the best moment, except that some bystander comes flying into the scene and bumps into the reptar. He does some admirable adlibbing as “the show must go on,” but his plea for the mother to get the kid out of their seems to fall on deaf ears.

If you’re a big fan or even half-hearted fan of the Rugrats you need to pick up the Reptar on Ice T Shirt because it does a great job of calling to mind that super dooper episode. Capiche?

“Quick somebody call their mom.” Busted Tees wants you to call your mom into the room so you can ask her for her credit card number so you can buy this shirt. Show her the following clip and she’ll understand.

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