Ron Paul 2012 T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

by on January 31, 2012

Well this is pretty funny as we move into the silly political season. I actually think Ron Paul might be the most viable candidate out there. He probably won’t get the nod as the Republican nominee, but he might make some serious noise as an Independent. He’s against the wars. He’s against the fed. He wants to legal the marijuana. He’s violently opposed to all the fascist legislation that’s making its way around the Hill. He has warts, but I think even if he can deliver on 25% of that short list, he’ll be better by far than any President for quite some time. He really seems like he can’t be bought.

Anyways, this Ron Paul T Shirt is kind of a fake out, because instead of the Senator from Texas, we have Ron Jeremy and Paul Giamatti as a powerhouse, celebrity-rich ticket for 2012. Not sure where Ron stands on the issues, but he has a long schlong, so that probably helps gets some things done in D.C. And Giamatti is a great actor, so there’s that. Of course, if he utters even a peep about being in favor of SOPA/PIPA, as a Hollywood type, I’m not going to be happy.

I like that they’re both in suits, especially Jeremy, because he seems to be a guy that would be in sweatpants and a dirty tee most of his waking hours…at least win he’s not doing his “job.”

T-shirt Hell is doin’ work right here and you can take advantage by picking this little ditty up to impress your friends.

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